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Volvo XC90 Vs. BMW X5

Acura MDX

Audi Q7 BMW X5

In a comparison test between the Volvo XC90 and the BMW X5, there is only one clear winner.

XC90 vs.
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
Maximum Seating
EPA Estimated Combined MPG
23 MPG
19 MPG
Engine Aspiration
Turbo Charger
Twin Turbocharger
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A luxury SUV is the perfect choice if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. These SUV’s often come with beautiful interior, a robust exterior, utility, and the ability to overcome tough driving conditions. Two SUV’s that occupy this space are the Volvo XC90 and the BMW X5. Both are great cars, but let’s take a closer look and compare the X5 to the XC90.

Let’s start with the interior. They both offer great upholstery and a gracious amount of headroom, however, the XC90 offers more seating. The X5 seats 5 people while the XC90 seats 7. The Volvo XC90 also offers way more cargo space, for all the times you want to hit the road for a family trip. When it comes to performance, the X5 has a more powerful engine. This could be viewed as a drawback for some, but the XC90 is more efficient, which saves you money on gas and is eco-friendlier. Lastly, when comparing the MSRP of the Volvo XC90 vs the BMW X5, the XC90 is significantly lighter on the pockets.

After taking a closer look, the Volvo XC90 takes the cake. It is clear to see when it comes to comparing the BMW X5 vs Volvo XC90, the XC90 comes out on top. This is because the Volvo XC90 has nicer interior features and add-ons, is eco-friendlier, and is offered at a lower price point. If you want to learn more about this beautiful SUV, be sure to contact Volvo Cars White Plains or come by our showroom.